“A vision without action is a daydream, I’m here to assist you in turning your vision into reality.”

Mike Orloff is the person behind Club Inc. He is utilising over 30 years in the golf, club, leisure, and resort industries to bring a refined approach to assisting clients in bringing “Club” back into clubs.

“Club” is about relationships and community, and Mike can help you put “club” back into your clubs.

One of Mike’s pillars is ‘The Customer experience’ which is really the product we are selling, and should never be left to chance. He loves working with clients to instill these thorough programs that are full of passion and empower your team to embrace your vision of your facility.

Mike brings a unique operational experience and insight into all the services he provides. You must first have a clear vision, followed by a strong strategy to implement, the right people trained on what is most important – the customer experience.

Mike has over 30 years of experience in the USA and throughout Australia and is a compassionate, commercially mature, high-energy executive with a participative management style.


“I had the pleasure of closely collaborating with Mike Orloff of Golf Industry Central, our Australasian business partner, to introduce Pace Manager Systems® to Australia this past summer. With Mike’s wealth of experience within both the US and Australian golf markets, I knew he was the man to get things organized, promoted and done right. Our two-week introduction tour enabled us to provide improvement studies to several golf clubs, speak at a national golf industry conference, and deliver workshops to more than ___ course and club managers. Mike also arranged two media interviews and a variety of meetings with state and national golf administrators.

I felt fortunate to have Mike at the wheel during my visit “down under.” Every daily detail of the trip was perfectly planned, including hotels, flights, speaking venues, attendee registrations, and more, and everything ran smoothly.

When it comes to the business of golf, Mike is definitely the “go to” man in that region, a true professional. Thank you for a job beautifully done!

I am looking forward to my continuing partnership with Mike and his talented team and expanding our reach to New Zealand and Asia.”

It is my pleasure to provide on behalf of our Club a testimonial with respect to recent work Mike carried out for us.The brief was to analyse our current position, products and marketing activity and to develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan for the next 2-3 years. Mike was chosen specifically because of his background in golf marketing and operations and also because there is no one with his level of industry experience and skill in New Zealand.

I am happy to confirm without reservation that the project and scope of works were completed to the Club’s entire satisfaction and within the timeframe required. Mike’s expertise during the 3 month project duration was invaluable in taking the club through the necessary processes to develop a comprehensive and readily implementable Plan with which the Club is delighted. We would have no hesitation to recommending Mike to other clubs and in fact have done so.

Mike understands the golf industry better than most and he provides the perfect insight into enhancing the customer journey. His tips have left a lasting impression on our staff as they go that extra step in ensuring Members have a memorable experience each time they enter the Club. Best of all Mike is a great guy and he explains all his techniques in an easy-to-understand way through stories and life experiences. I would definitely recommend this session to any business looking for that little edge over their competition.

Just wanted to say thanks for your workshop today. Some great insights and some simple to implement suggestions which any golf facility could use. It was good to see other golf industry professionals tapping into your services and sharing their thoughts with other members of the workshop.