“Mike understands the golf industry better than most and he provides the perfect insight into enhancing the customer journey. His tips have left a lasting impression on our staff as they go that extra step in ensuring Members have a memorable experience each time they enter the Club. Best of all Mike is a great guy and he explains all his techniques in an easy-to-understand way through stories and life experiences. I would definitely recommend this session to any business looking for that little edge over their competition.”

“Mike quickly gained a good understanding of our Club’s key needs and helped us develop a Marketing Plan which is well aligned with the delivery of our overall Strategic Plan.Our Club is now working our way through implementing our Marketing Plan with specific Quarterly tasks and targets and we are already seeing the benefits of these, especially in attracting new Members.

I would highly recommend Mike and Golf Industry Central to other Club’s as his knowledge of the industry and professionalism have proven to be of great value for our Club.”

“When it comes to “making things happen”, leadership is needed. And when it came to making “The Down Under Tour” happen, it was Mike Orloff’s leadership from Golf Industry Central that made things happen!!! Mike had The Vision, he had The Checklist and he had The Organization needed to translate the tour idea into schedules, plane tickets, rental cars, Uber, dinners, hotels and topics. Without Mike there’d have been no Tour. And with Mike, tour happened and “done good”. To Mike and Golf Industry Central, THANKS time ten from someone who knows how much work goes into making something like “The Tour Down Under” happen!!!”

“By all accounts, our 2018 Gregg & Norm Road Show was another rousing success, thanks in no small part to the herculean efforts of our Road Show Manager, Mike Orloff.

From our arrival at the Gold Coast airport to our departure from Melbourne, Mike seamlessly coordinated every detail, large and small, associated with our “Down Under” trip (from promotional materials, to hotels, to meals, to domestic travel, to arranging fantastic speaking venues and managing our trip finances).

With the outstanding leadership and management skills that Mike so gracefully demonstrated in advance of and during our 2018 Road Show, it’s easy to see why Golf Industry Central is such a highly regarded, vibrant and growing company.”

“On behalf of Golf Queensland, I would like to thank you for giving up your valuable time to be in attendance and facilitate our District Junior Coordinators Workshop held this weekend at the Nudgee Golf Club.

Your enthusiasm, passion and knowledge was very well received and the feedback regarding the workshop has been very positive. The group as a whole has a lot more confidence in what is happening at the national and state levels and importantly what we all need to do together as a team in order to grow our great game now and in the future. The realisation that we are all in this together has come through very strongly and I can walk away positively after the weekend knowing that we are definitely heading down the right path.

Golf Queensland looks forward to working with you further in the junior space and other aspects of our organisation.Thanks again for your attendance and support of this initiative.”

“A very big thank you to the Golf Industry Central team for all your work on the roll out of the first RACV Gold Coast Challenge. We very much appreciate Mike and Cam’s continued professionalism throughout the planning process and also staying on top of my various design requests. It shaped up nicely.”

“Mike first became associated with the Club in 2015 when it received a grant from Sibelco Australia to prepare a marketing plan.

At that time the Club had commenced a program of redevelopment and renewal and had undertaken a number of strategic infrastructure initiatives. In addition it needed to grow its business, to enhance its income and membership, but most importantly, to grow its value to the community.

After a far reaching search Mike was appointed to write the marketing plan, redevelop the Club’s website and rebrand and refresh its social media presence. These tasks he undertook with skill and expedition that reflected his wide and long experience in the Golf Industry.

As part of this process he visited the Club on a number of occasions and quickly became a familiar face. He became friend to the Club and the Stradbroke community. He even brought his family to the Island for a holiday so that he could better understand the sports tourism potential of the Stradbroke destination.

The effectiveness of Mike’s initial work cannot be doubted. The Club now has a golfing pro for the first time in 20 years. The business itself continues to grow and diversify with new major events on its golfing calendar. As a result the Club now has the funds to replace machinery in a timely manner and has recently improved its eco-credentials through the purchase of a new fleet of electric carts. None of this would have been possible without Mike’s marketing skills and his experience in all facets of the industry itself.

The Club has retained Mike, over the last 4 years to maintain the Club’s website and social media pages. This he has done admirably in spite of being located on the mainland.

The Club will be sorry to lose the services of Golf Industry Central, and Mike, and his staff. They have made a major contribution to the growth and economic health of the Straddie Golf Club.

The Club Committee and executive have always found Mike very easy to work with and responsive to our requests. On behalf of the Club members and executive I commend Mike to any prospective employer as a highly skilled, motivated expert in the industry that is golf.”

“I had the pleasure of closely collaborating with Mike Orloff of Golf Industry Central, our Australasian business partner, to introduce Pace Manager Systems® to Australia this past summer.  With Mike’s wealth of experience within both the US and Australian golf markets, I knew he was the man to get things organized, promoted and done right. Our two-week introduction tour enabled us to provide improvement studies to several golf clubs, speak at a national golf industry conference, and deliver workshops to more than ___ course and club managers. Mike also arranged two media interviews and a variety of meetings with state and national golf administrators.

I felt fortunate to have Mike at the wheel during my visit “down under.” Every daily detail of the trip was perfectly planned, including hotels, flights, speaking venues, attendee registrations, and more, and everything ran smoothly.

When it comes to the business of golf, Mike is definitely the “go to” man in that region, a true professional. Thank you for a job beautifully done!

I am looking forward to my continuing partnership with Mike and his talented team and expanding our reach to New Zealand and Asia.”


“Norm Spitzig and I wanted to team up and take our U.S.A. based, club focused “preaching, teaching and facilitating tour” down under to Australia and New Zealand in 2016.  Nice idea—but we needed someone who’d translate our road show vision into REALITY.   We needed somebody with The Goods good promoters need.   We needed somebody with The Buzz for the Business, somebody who knew the movers and shakers “down there” in the antipodes, somebody who’d get things organized, promoted and “done right”.    And the someone we needed was Mike Orloff and Mike—as we knew he would—got things done, and done right!

We couldn’t be happier having Mike “there” in advance of the tour, “there” during the tour and “there” after the tour happened.   Mike is The Man “down there” when it comes to the business of golf—and Norm and I couldn’t be happier that he was “there” for us during the 2016 “Norm and Gregg Down Under  Road Show Tour”.

And—we’re looking forward to a return soon, going deeper into the world of golf, the business of hospitality and the culture of clubdom.

Thanks, Mike—and let the adventure continue!!! 

“I wish to publicly thank Mike Orloff Managing Director of Golf Industry Central The Golf Marketing Professionals and his staff for the work that they did on drawing up the new logo which will come into being on March 1st.  Mike and his crew rallied to the cause and I am sure that you will all join with me in thanking them for the help that they gave us to establish our new look.” 

“Thanks for the copy. Excellent coverage.”

“On behalf of the organizing committee thank you for your work keeping the GMANZ Conference and our drive to “Shape the future” out there amongst the key industry drivers both in NZ and Australia.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Mike on a number of projects over several years. Mike is a very forward thinking person with great ideas that can help your organisation set themselves apart from others. He is very reliable and has a vast range of knowledge within the golf and marketing industries. Mike is very personable and works well with colleagues and clients he engages with.”

“Mike’s knowledge of industry trends worldwide and his passion for growing the game have proved invaluable in providing marketing forethought and expertise to facilitate our work. Mike has been involved with us for the past 3 years and you would not meet a better person both personally and in business.”

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your outstanding contribution to the success of the 2013 Asia Pacific Golf Summit. From all accounts, APGS 2013 will go down in the annals as one of the best in the series. It has set standards that will now serve as a benchmark for us to grow and improve this event. Thanks again for playing a vital role in the success of APGS 2013.”

“Just wanted to say thanks for your workshop today. Some great insights and some simple to implement suggestions which any golf facility could use. It was good to see other golf industry professionals tapping into your services and sharing their thoughts with other members of the workshop. “

“On behalf of Golf Queensland I wish to thank you for presenting to our guests at the Queensland Golf Forum held at Victoria Park Golf Complex on Tuesday 13 March 2012. The forum was a resounding success and the knowledge and professionalism you put into your presentation was reflected in the excellent feedback we received from attendees. Many guests commented on the valuable content and enthusiasm of your presentation. Your time and support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you once again for helping to make the Queensland Golf Forum 2012 so successful.”

“Golf Industry Central was very helpful and provided personalised service in putting together a brand new logo for my business. Mike took my initial brief and came back with a few options to choose from- from there it was simple to refine a finished product. I have had a number of people say how great the new logo looks and how the whole branding has come together so well with it. This was a perfect as Mike also was able to put together our first branded website from the logo they designed.”

“It is my pleasure to provide on behalf of our Club a testimonial with respect to recent work Mike carried out for us.The brief was to analyse our current position, products and marketing activity and to develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan for the next 2-3 years. Mike was chosen specifically because of his background in golf marketing and operations and also because there is no one with his level of industry experience and skill in New Zealand. I am happy to confirm without reservation that the project and scope of works were completed to the Club’s entire satisfaction and within the timeframe required. Mike’s expertise during the 3 month project duration was invaluable in taking the club through the necessary processes to develop a comprehensive and readily implementable Plan with which the Club is delighted. We would have no hesitation to recommending Mike to other clubs and in fact have done so.”

“Mike from Golf Industry Central was a great support for us during our move earlier this year from one teaching location to another. We needed marketing help with the launch of our new venue along with a few different new products we were bringing into Australia. This help included strategic and general marketing services which was of great assistance during a very busy time. We now use Golf Industry Central on an “as needed” basis and Mike is always ready to jump in at a moment’s notice for all of our marketing needs.”

“Mike has been great to work with. He has found ways to achieve some difficult goals with his ability to think outside the square. He is open minded and an honest person that strived to achieve the best outcome possible when working through the challenges that came along the way – and there were plenty of them! I am one satisfied customer with the interaction and the outcome. We recommend his services to anyone. Mike has been patient, diligent, inventive, and most of all persistent. He never gave up even when we felt like doing so. He would come up with an answer or a solution to challenges along the way that related to various aspects of our product. He also listened to our ideas and put them to the test in order to get an outcome. He had a difficult task but managed to see it through, and always in a professional manner. He kept thinking of ways to get around the difficulties and obstacles as though they were simply another day’s task. We found his honesty and down to earth approach most beneficial during the struggling moments of our venture.”

“I thought your presentation at Rangiora Golf Club was excellent and I am planning on putting some of your idea’s in to practice. Thanks again very enjoyable.”

Thanks to the marketing efforts of Golf Industry Central we have no shortage of leads and interested clubs in our mini golf product.